Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Time and space play a critical role in Animation. Animation Types -and making was what we were exploring on 19th July 08 in the Conference Room of Academy Of Fine Arts. It was divided into two sections 2D & 3D being headed by persons who have excelled in their respective areas- Mr Jayanta Roy Chowdhury, Mr Biplab Chandra , Mr. Arup Guha , & Mr. Indranil Ghosh.

The purpose of the seminar was to give a vivid picture to the students about the usefulness of sketching in developing of ideas & critical analysis of movies where certain principles are getting followed by animators. Moreover, it focuses on developing how a person should think in making animation films.

Certain exclusive samples were displayed to explain the concept. Fascinating pencil sketches of Young Tarzan, Timon, and Jungle Book Junior and movie clips of The Popeye Show were showcased with explanations.
The charm was such that one would be glued to their seats to know the final outcome of the whole making of the character.

Heading from 2D animation our expertise went on to enhance the audience with the 3D animation knowledge. The points of the day were the uses of motion capture devices, concept of digital double character and compositing digital double background. Outstanding samples from the Making of King Kong in WETA Animation Studio were showcased along with vivid explanations.

The making of 3D characters or films would make one feel as if life was pumped into these so called Larger than Life characters.The workshop was concluded by focusing on the kind of production pipeline that is being followed in 2D and 3d animation studios during the film making. The different stages of pre-production, production and post production were also explained with examples to clear the doubts of students.

Mr. A.D.Singh, Centre Head, Arena Animation Chowringhee stressed upon the role of moving from the tool based(software) training towards concepts training(design concepts, visualization, pre production)while pointing towards the role of the Faculty Members as Mentors, to help students recognize their inherent talents, and motivate them to bring their talent in front with proper application. In the closing ceremony, awards have been handed over to the students who have achieved excellence in Academics. The Arenite of the Month was Abhinandan Kumar and Best Academic Performer Award went to Achintya Kumar Nandi.

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