Monday, March 8, 2010

Adobe Flash on Mobile Devices

Arena Animation Chowringhee had organized a workshop on Flash Mobile Technology by an eminent person Mr. Rajdeep Rath on 6th March 2010. Mr. Rath is the Group Manager of Adobe Flash Lite Community for the Eastern Zone, with a work experience of more than 5 years as Senior Flash Programmer with reputed organization.

The subject was "Flash Platform on Mobile Devices". This was also his the first Flash Platform seminar in Kolkata covering the various aspects of Flash, including the Flash mobile platform. The 2 Hours free seminar, consisted of :

o Introduction to Flash Platform

o A brief history to "How and why Flash made it this far - smart vector graphics"

o A treat for the eyes - "Augmented Reality demostration from"

o About the Open Screen Project
1. Videos from

2. Adobe's commitment to mobile market

3. The Open Screen Project partners

o Flash Player Runtime - (Flash Lite and Flash Player 10.1)

o Introduction to Adobe Device Central

o Hands-on building simple mobile content in Adobe Flash Cs3 on Adobe Device Central.

o Demos of pre-built Flash Lite content (wallpaper,screensaver,game)

o Awareness of existing market of Flash Lite.

o About Flash Lite supported phones in the market.

o Flash Player 10.1 - Desktop to mobile transition.

o Videos From various sources on Flash content:

o Flash Player 10.1 on Nexus one.

o Flash Player 10.1 and Motorola.

o 3D on mobile platform and Flash Player 10.1.

o Beating the barriers - Flash on iPhone and iPad.

o A wrap up with brief on Flex and AIR and how they will be participants in the Flash mobile revolution.

o A Demo of the "Flex Store" application.

The workshop was attended by most of the students. The students were full of enthusiasm and they infact learnt a great deal from this workshop. Students had requested for some more workshops of these kind.

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