Friday, July 24, 2009

The Seminar on the launching of the InterFace Competion

7th July 2009

The InterFace and Cholochhobi Awards 2009 of Arena Animation Chowringhee is aimed at encouraging each and every student to come forth and participate in order to project their best efforts in the fields of Multimedia and Animation. The essence, through speech and visuals, will be to bring to te forefront the ability of the students and advising them to use the competition as a platform to hone their skills and gain in confidence.

One of the main purposes of any competition is not only winning but also the spirit of participation. This was amply displayed in the Seminar on the launching of the Interface Competition through various aspects.

The Seminar as we all know was held in St.Xavier’s Auditorium in Park Street,
, Kolkata.
It started at 2.00pm in the afternoon and lasted till 5.00pm in the evening.
We had over 250 students attending the Seminar in spite of the fact that the weather was going against the event.

We reached the venue by 12.30pm to get things organized in order to be bang on time. However, we had students as volunteers to manage the hall in time of entry.

We also had a registration desk, just outside the hall where we got the students to register their names before entering.The Registration desk was very well managed by our own Academics in Charge-Mrs. Shalu Kaur and our Librarian Mrs. Sumita Dutta.

The event started at 2.15pm sharp. The afternoon was declared open by our Centre Head-Director Mr. A. D. Singh who briefed the students of the competition and their categories. Needless to say that the students were hugely motivated by his opening speech and their interest and curiosity rose to a different level to know more about the forthcoming competition.

We had 5 categories to introduce in the first half. These were 2D Illustration, Graphic Novels, Website Designing, 3D Illustration and PSA. Our respected faculties were asked to come and give presentations of each category to help the students to understand them better.

We had a 15 mins break in between which was covered by a round of question answer round conducted by one of our respected faculty.

Followed were the next part of the Seminar which was the Cholochhobi 2nd Edition. Here the students were shown films by the faculties.

The students were briefed about the entire procedure of taking part in the competition which would start from the month of July and continue till November.

The event was a major success and the efforts put in by one and all were appreciated by all students. This event was first of its kind organized in this manner by Arena Animation Chowringhee.

We, Arena Animation wish each of our students the very best for this mega competition. Hope each one of them come out with flying colors.

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