Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Arthur’s Advertising Adda

Concept based knowledge is more important than the tool based knowledge . Everyone is creative but the creativity needs to be enhanced. These were the main criteria for our workshop which was held on Saturday 7th March 09 at the Conference Room of Academy of Fine Arts. This workshop was conducted by a very famous Advertising Professional Mr Arthur Cardozo. We also had two guest speakers with us Mr Sudarshan Ray and Mr Arjun Mukherjee who eminent creative directors.

It was an extremely interactive session. Mr Sudarshan talked about diffenent kind of Advertisements. He asserted on the fact that before we think of creating any ad we ahould first understand the product and its potential customers. There were number of examples given like for Tripti Mustard Oil, Lux beauty soap and many more . He also pointed out if one wants to create an ad before he starts working on the computer he has to first work on paper.

Mr Arjun Mukherjee emphasized on the idea and meaning behind any advertisement. He said it is essential to create a meaning behind an ad so that our potential customers can relate to it. Some of his works were displayed which was appreciated by all.

Being an interactive session Arthur Cardozo made the students do some brainstorming exercises. Everyone present in the room was told to close their eyes for two minutes. After this they were asked to explain as to what they had visualized. We got very interesting answers. The entire atmosphere lightened up with the cheers of students when Arthur asked them to change their seats.

Arthur also emphasized that one cannot define creativity. It is right brain dominant and it totally depends on ones perception. What you perceive and what others perceive. There are certain steps involved in creating an ad. They are – Ideation – Simple, easy to communicate and differential thinking. Execution – clear imagination, resource and no compromise. Ambient Media – finding the touch point and innovative and creative devices.

Arthur showed some good international advertisements which were had involved good creative concept. To sum up he gave the students ten ideas to boost your creativity.
These steps were – listen to music , brainstorm , always carry notebooks, if we are stuck for an idea open the dictionary, define your problem , if you cannot think go for a walk, don’t watch television , don’t do drugs – be yourself, read as much as you can and finally exercise your brain. .

This session involved lot thinking and how one can enhance an individual’s creativity.

The session ended with the prize distribution for the Arenite of the Month and the Academic Performer for the month. The Arenite of the Month was given to Anil Kumar for the month of December and Bitan De for the month of January 09. The Academic Performer of the Month was awarded to Varsha Jain for December 08 and Amisha Verma for January 09. The closing speech was given by Mr . A. D Singh , our Centre Head, in which he emphasized on participation in contests without thinking of the outcome. According to him participation makes individual asses his standard of work and gives an insight to an individual to improve on the faults.

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