Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Blockbuster: Introducing Microsoft Surface Tablet, the future of PC

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Friday Blockbuster. Now the time has come to see the PC (or the personal computer, if you say so) in a new avatar. We already went through some famous IT transitions from early 90's. Some of them are:

1. Launch of Windows 95, the first full colour GUI Operating System in 1995.
2. Launch of Windows XP in 2001.
3. Apple released their first ever music device iPod in 2001.
4. Apple's first transition from PowerPC processors to Intel in 2005.
5. Launch of iPhone in 2007 which changed the mobile phone world.
6. Windows 7 released in 2009.
7. Google introduced their Android devices in 2009.
8. Apple introduced the revolutionary iPad in 2010.

Like these and so on many futuristic devices & softwares came up. 2012 is another milestone for IT world as Microsoft unveiled their first ever PC with a combination of Desktop, Laptop and Tablet - the Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 operating system. Here is the complete launch video of Microsoft Surface.

This is how the Microsoft Surface will look like.

We hope you enjoy today's topic. Stay tuned for more. Thanks!

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