Monday, August 10, 2009

Seminar by the one and only Prosenjit Ganguly.

The Seminar on the 7th of August was one of its kind as we all know the main attraction of it was none other than Mr. Proshenjit Ganguli or rather PJ as he is better known. He is a man who basically needs no introduction-an independent film-maker, a former Director of Special Projects-The Toonz Animation Trivandrum and a National Institute of Design alumnus along with being a former member of faculty.

It was an honour and privilege to be able to host this seminar which was on Animation and Film Making taking a queue from the last seminar in St. Xavier’s Auditorium which turned out to be a grand success and we were equally confident that this seminar would also follow the same footsteps and so it did.

We had basically divided the Seminar into three parts. We declared the morning open by a warm welcome to the students followed by the first part of the event-the screening of the Chalochhobi I films. We had 8 films in all to be screened against which only one was awarded the best Viewers Choice Awards. The students were distributed voting forms and made to vote after all 8 films were screened. The maximum number of votes went to a film called Chalochhobi made by our DAE students Sanchari Chatterji and Somen Chatterjee. After the voting the students dropped their votes in the ballot box which in turn was emptied and the counting started.

During this period we moved on to our next and the main attraction of the seminar. Mr Proshenjit Ganguli took over. It was really a pleasure hearing him for the next 2 hrs at a stretch. There was pin drop silence in the hall. He had no materials, no laptop, and no slides to show to the students. He only had his knowledge, his experience to share with us. His Gift of The Gab alarmed the student’s majorly. He had his own style to get the right things across to the students. He spoke on different aspects on Film Making, What it takes to be a successful Film-Maker, the journey, the efforts, the hard-work, the love for the job.
The students were highly motivated, inspired by the whole seminar. They went back on a good note.

After his session, we moved on to the awards giving ceremony, where Mr A.D.Singh and Mr.Proshenjit Ganguli gave away the awards and certificates for the Chalochhobi I and the Rizwanur Rahman Creative Awards.

The event ended on a very positive note.

We take pride in being one of the leading Animation Institutes and we sincerely hope that our students will continue to excel in their chosen field of work and carry forward our flag always.

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