Thursday, June 26, 2008

Magic with 2D

What is Creativity? Is it something cherished only by selected few geniuses? Or do we all posses it? Where does Creativity stand in today’s Techno World? As we all know, they are the elements from two separate World, i.e., Creativity and Technology – Art and Science. Ruled by separate sections (Hemisphere) of our Brain – Right: Arts, Left: Science. Is there an effective combination and communication possible to enhance our everyday life through mixture of these two elements?

These were the Questions went under scanner. All these were thoroughly scrutinized, investigated and analyzed in the Conference that was held in Academy of Fine Arts Conference Room on Saturday, 23rd June, 2008. A genuine attempt was made to answer these Questions, by the Students and Faculties of Arena Animation Chowringhee Centre, with the help of an interesting topic - “Magic of 2D: Mingling of Creative Visualization with Adobe Flash Technology to Simulate a Breathtaking World of Rich Media Application.” Ms. Sudeepa Ghosh, Mr. Soumyajit Banerjee, Mr. Sudip Banerjee, Mentor and Faculty Members of Arena Animation Chowringhee, were the main speakers in the event. The main idea they tried to project and confirm was that we, the Designers, Animators, Graphic Artists, need to free our minds from too much dependency towards tools and software, and then we need to cultivate our inner instinct towards creativity and give it wings to take a flight.

There were three case studies, one from each Industry that employs 2D Technology to implement their Creative Outputs – Advertising, Internet, and Animation. The students were encouraged to participate in an interactive question answer session, where they got opportunity to clear all their doubts and achieved clarity on issues like 2D animation, it’s current Market in India, use of Actionscript in Flash Animation, etc. One ready-made example of an E-Project developed in Flash, had been showcased to provide a class-room perspective and knowledge.

Mr. A.D.Singh, Centre Head, Arena Animation Chowringhee, added the most value to the whole Conference with his closing speech. He stressed upon the role of Visualization, Creative Thinking, and Research while pointing towards the role of the Faculty Members as Mentors, to help students recognize their inherent talents, and motivate them to bring their talent in front with proper application.
In the closing ceremony, awards have been handed over to the students who have achieved excellence in Academics. Mr.Singh gave away the awards. Arenite of the Month was Pratibha Sipani and Best Academic Performer Award went to Subhashish Ghosh.
The Conference was not only proved to be a learning point for the Students, but, at the same time, generated huge excitement as they enjoyed watching three Animated Movies that were made mostly in Flash.

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